KATECS has been a business organization with manufacturing capabilities since its inception in 1934, "has a technology, knowledge, wisdom and action, and protects the environment as a group that contributes to society" for business goals. Environment, can quickly correspond to customer, market, social needs, in order to be able to customers, the market to provide the necessary valuable services, we customer first, and strive to operate.

  Now, with the globalization of the world, in our surrounding areas are also rapidly changing economic environment, beyond the border, industry, format of the global competition is accelerating. We have been pursuing "what we can provide the value of what" and in order to continue to create our value, KATECS Group "through business activities, the pursuit of the whole group of employees of the material spirit of the two sides happy, improve staff skills, and partner companies To create and strengthen the cooperative relationship and improve customer value, to obtain customer trust and become the whole society needs of the enterprise groups.

KATECS SHANGHAI is mainly focus onprecision injection molding. Main product reas are auto safety related products.Currently the main customers are TAKATA Group (the United States, Korea, Japan,Romania, Indonesia), BROTHER etc., KATECS SHANGHAI pay attention to productquality and service, and won the best suppliers of SHANGHAI TAKATA for three consecutive years .


Group Introduction


Since its founding in 1934, a trading company with KATECS manufacturing capability has been aiming to "have a technology, knowledge, wisdom, actions that we possess, protect the environment and at the same time contribute to society," a global business change intense environment Under management, quickly respond to customers' needs, market and social demand, provide customers with the market, manage valuable services, customer supreme, efforts necessary. Now, in the globalization of the world, global competition of industries and business categories is accelerating across national boundaries, in the rapidly changing economic environment in every direction in our week. Through our values we continue to make the request "for the value we provide," through the KATECS group "pursue business activities, the substance of employees of the entire group are both spiritual Corporate group necessary for all social institutions to gain happiness, employee skills, strong collaborative relationships with friends and companies, gain strong customer value, customer trust ...

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